Classic Rock Songs We Never Want to Hear Again (10)

The Eagles, in general

Ah yes, the kings of smug West Coast ’70s mediocrity. The Eagles made a career out of recording soft-rock bilge that made the Doors look profound and meaningful. And then, of course, there’s the fact that they were by all accounts thoroughly objectionable human beings. I’ll leave the final word to Don Henley, and his explanation as to how he ended up with a naked 16-year-old in his bedroom, later cited in Tom Hibbert’s epic Eagles takedown for Q in 1996: “I had no idea how old she was and I had no idea she was doing that many drugs. I didn’t have sex with her. Yes, she was a hooker. Yes, I called a madam. Yes, there were roadies and guys at my house. We were having a farewell to The Eagles.” Oh, that we could all do the same. Wave farewell to The Eagles, that is.